Registration for the 44th AMS will open in 2018.

Foreign nationals interested in tours, must register by March 15th

NOTE: Early registration is $750

Symposium Courses

Three courses will be held prior to the symposium; information and registration instructions are below.

Friday Symposium Tours

Foreign nationals who wish to go on NASA Glenn or NASA Plum Brook tour must register for the AMS by 15 March.

Registration link coming in January!

Reserve Your Hotel Room!

Address: 100 Lakeside Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44114

What is the purpose of the Symposium?

The Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium is concerned with the problems of design, fabrication, test, and operational use of aerospace mechanisms. Emphasis is on hardware developments. The symposium provides both a social and technical forum for personnel active in the field of mechanisms technology, as well as providing a source of information for others with an interest in this field. The symposium is sponsored by the Mechanisms Education Association. It is hosted by National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Lockheed Martin Space. The symposium site rotates among eight NASA centers and the symposium attracts papers and attendees internationally.

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