Dr. Charles Coale Award Winners

Dr. Coale served as the General Chairman of the AMS for more than 20 years and deserves credit for its continued success. He played an active part in its leadership until his unfortunate passing in August, 1997. Dr. Coale was a very special person with many significant technical accomplishments while working at Lockheed, a passion for living, and a deep abiding interest in the development of young people. The Dr. Charles Coale Award was established to help young individuals who have the potential of making significant contributions to the fields of science, medicine and/or engineering in the not-too-distant future. The award funded a deserving student to attend a US Space or Robotics Camp for many years, and starting in 2022, funds several robotics teams.

Year Winner
2020 Kathryn Escobar
2019 Ilyana Bachmann
2018 LillyAnne Zilko
2017 Grace Tiegs
2016 Christopher McCormick
2015 Christal Walker
2014 Madeleine McLochlin
2013 Mackenzie Hunnicutt
2012 Will Early
2011 Riana Wirthlin
2010 Jennifer Hancock
2009 Nicholas Riggs
2008 Gerhardt Hinkle
2007 Lydia Lay
2006 Adam Arsenault
2005 Sarah Rutledge
Rae Brownsberger
2003 Martin Miramontes
2002 Carolyn Bero
2001 Christian Jennings
Amanda Wayland
Erin Ching
Kalie Ann Kissoon