Registration FAQs

  • If you cannot locate your confirmation number go onto the website and click on the “Register” button. Enter requested information on the first page.
  • On the next page it will state: “You are already registered for this event. To view or modify your registration click here.
  • The next page will state: “Click here if you would like your confirmation number e-mailed to you.”
  • You will receive an e-mail with the subject line “Your registration confirmation number reminder.”
  • To modify your registration, click on the “Modify registration” link in the registration confirmation e-mail.
  • Enter your confirmation number and proceed to “Modify” your registration.

Use this section to change or modify your general information, attendance, and input additional attendees under your registration or make a payment.

If you have already registered for the event and would like to pay by credit card click on the link in your confirmation e-mail:

  • Enter your confirmation number.
  • Click on “Submit payment” button located on the left side of screen.

Note: if you cannot locate your confirmation number, follow the first section above.

Yes, you may substitute another person from your company to attend in place of someone who was registered and paid but who can not attend at no additional cost.  It may be transferred to one person only, not multiple attendees.  The substitution must be communicated to Ron Mancini ( or Ed Boesiger ( prior to the event.  We will not accept a substitution if someone shows up at the conference who was not previously identified as a substitute prior to the event.  Anyone showing up as a substitute not previously identified will be considered a new registration and will have to pay the full late registration fee at that time.

Any registration canceled prior to approximately 3 weeks before the start of the symposium will be refunded fully minus $50 to cover our registration expenses. If there are any guest tickets canceled, those will be refunded in full. After that date, there will be no refunds issued for registration fees or guest tickets. All fees paid will be forfeited. We have to make commitments on numbers for events by this time and incur costs that can not be reduced if someone cancels. For the exact date, consult the symposium program that is on the website.

If the event is canceled due to circumstances that warrant a cancellation by the MEA or outside forces, full refunds of whatever has been paid will be issued.

  • To find your receipt click on the “Modify Registration” link in your e-mail.
  • You will be prompted to enter your confirmation number.
  • After entering your confirmation number it will take you to the “View registration” screen giving details of your registration information.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on “Printer friendly” to print your receipt.

When making the payment for the registration with one credit card, apply the registration fee amount to be paid as a partial payment in the payment window and proceed to complete payment for that amount through the PayPal link.  Once this payment is completed, the registration will still show a balance due of the guest fees.  Go through the payment process again, but “applying” the guest fee amount for the payment and use the different credit card for completing the guest fee payment when in PayPal.  When this payment is completed, your registration will be completed with no balance due.

Only the author giving the presentation is to register as Presenting Author. All co-authors who are attending, but not presenting, are to register as General.

  • We pay for tours based on the number of registrations that have signed up or selected the particular tour during the registration process prior to the symposium.
  • We pay for tours based on the number of registrations that have signed up or selected the particular tour during the registration process prior to the symposium.
  • The tour has a limited number of slots available
  • If you sign up for the tour and do not attend, we are paying for an empty spot and you are preventing somebody else from being able to go on the tour if the tour has reached the capacity for a particular tour.
  • Bottom line is don’t sign up for a tour unless you are certain you will be going on the tour.

The simple answer is NO.  When the registration site transfers you to the PayPal site for payment, just follow the selection of One Time Payment as a guest to PayPal.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to make the payment.

Yes, it is okay.  The main registration is to be your company address, but when making the payment in PayPal, the address entered MUST be the billing address associated with the credit card being used to make payment.  If it is not, PayPal will reject the card and you will not be able to complete payment.

Yes, someone who has registered who selected not attending the reception and/or banquet can change their selection and indicate they will attend at a later date by going in and modifying their existing registration.  However, since we need to commit to numbers for both events prior to the conference, this must be done at least a week before the start of the symposium.  Further, if one is bringing a guest,  guest tickets for either or both events can be added to any registration by modification.  Note that guest tickets can also be added to an existing registration.  If added and paid for after April 19, the cost will be charged at the higher Late Registration fee. Further, if guest tickets were added prior to April 19, but unpaid by April 19, the fee due will update to the Late Registration fee as well.

Any registration or guest fees that were started prior to early registration date, but not paid by that early registration date will automatically be updated to the Late Registration fee and guest fee schedule.  While the registration categories during Early Registration increase by $100 after early registration date, it should be particularly noted that those registration categories that are given a discount during Early Registration (Full-time Professor, Student, Retiree) will all increase to the full Late Registration Fee, with no discount.