Friday, May 18, 2018 | Tours

The NASA Glenn Research Center Tour  

The 10×10 Abe Silverstein Supersonic Wind Tunnel – the largest and fastest wind tunnel facility at NASA’s Glenn Research Center.  It is specifically designed to test supersonic propulsion components from inlets and nozzles to full-scale jet and rocket engines.

SLOPE Lab – Space wheel/tire development and terramechanics research

Exercise Countermeasures Lab – A ground-based test bed which provides high-fidelity weightlessness, lunar (1/6g) and Martian (1/3g) human-in-the-loop exercise simulations for developing exercise countermeasure devices, equipment, and exercise protocols for spaceflight.

Zero Gravity Research Facility – NASA’s premier facility for ground based microgravity research, and the largest facility of its kind in the world.

Aero-Acoustic Propulsion Lab – a world-class facility for conducting aero-propulsion noise reduction research

Icing Research Tunnel – Largest icing wind tunnel in the US, second largest in the world.

The NASA Plum Brook Station Tour  

Space Power Facility (SPF) – This facility houses the world’s largest and most powerful space environment simulation facilities. The Space Simulation Vacuum Chamber is the world’s largest, measuring 30.5 m (100 ft) in diameter by 37.2 m (122 ft) high. The Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility (RATF) is the world’s most powerful spacecraft acoustic test chamber. The Mechanical Vibration Facility (MVF) is the world’s highest capacity and most powerful spacecraft shaker system.